Commission from some time ago, Windrunner from DOTA

This is great, nicely done!

Windrunner from Dota2

This is a really good cosplay of Windrunner from Dota2.


Pure Pool - The ultimate trick shot!

I picked up Pure Pool on the PS4 on a whim, it turns out that it’s actually a great little game. I’ve found myself playing more and more of it recently, it’s nice since you don’t actually have to concentrate all that much to enjoy it - perfect for those late night gaming sessions where you don’t quite know what to play.

This trick shot (if you can actually call it that) happened by total fluke when I was actually just messing around, trying to knock the balls off the table. I was quite impressed with the result, thank god for the PS4 share button!

Sonic Generations Speed Run

This is my Sonic Generations, Green Hill Zone Act 2 Speed Run. The best that I have managed so far is a 1-39.05, and at the time I believe it was the fastest on YouTube. I believe since then, that it has been beaten.